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Solar Geyser Installation

We all know the importance of having a solar geyser installed with the instability that Eskom gives South Africa. Solar geyser installation services in the East Rand are at your doorstep. FAST Plumbers specialize in all solar geyser installation matters in the East Rand. We cover Kempton Park, Edenvale, Germiston, Boksburg, Benoni and surrounding areas. Our solar geyser installation solutions are affordable and durable. You will reap the benefits of our solar geyser installation service in the East Rand for years to come.

Around 40% of your electricity costs can be attributed to heating your water supply. With electricity costs that will only get more expensive in future, your electrical geyser that warms up your water, is going to become a major expense. If you want to save on your electricity costs, then solar geysers are the way to go.

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A solar geyser installation will still produce great hot water for the household, but at the same time your new solar geyser is also environmentally friendly. By using less electricity, you are contributing to a greener and healthier environment. There is no 2 ways about it. A solar geyser installation will save you money in the long run and will contribute positively to the environment.

If you are in the East Rand and want to get a solar geyser installed, then call FAST Plumbers today. Our team of trained plumbers will help you with all your solar geyser installation needs. We have years of experience working on various types of solar geyser installations.

We will give you the best solar geyser advice based on your own unique circumstances. We evaluate your family size, home position and what angle to the sun will produce the most energy for your solar geyser.

Gauteng has a very sunny climate which is ideal for solar geyser installation. Since solar geysers use the UV rays of the sun, it is a cost-effective way to produce hot water in an environmentally friendly way. If we experience overcast days where the solar geyser cannot capture the UV rays as it should, we make sure that you have an option to switch to an electrical geyser heating system if it is required.

This will obviously only be done if you consent to it. If the water drops to below a certain degree Celsius, then the electrical element will kick in and heat up the water to a set temperature.

So, how do solar water geysers actually work?

Here’s a quick explanation of how solar geysers work. A solar geyser system consists of a water tank and a solar panel. The solar panel is also called the collector as it collects energy from the sun. The water tank should ideally be positioned above the collector. When the sun’s UV’s hit the collector, the water in the collector is warmed up and this heated water then pushes up and is then directed towards the water storage tank (or the geyser).

At the same time, the cold water in the water tank flows downwards to the collector where it is heated up again. As this water heats up, it gets pushed back up through the collector to the water tank. And so, this cycle continues. When there is no more colder water in the solar geyser, then the cycle will stop. However, while there is colder water in the solar geyser, it will flow down to the collector, get warmed up and then it will be pushed back up to flow into the solar geyser tank.

In certain instances, it won’t be practical to position the collector below the solar geyser tank. In these scenarios we’ll have to use a circulation pump to push the cold water from the solar geyser water tank back to the collector.

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Benefits of a solar geyser installation

Saving on electricity costs. Electricity is getting more and more expensive in South Africa. When you have a solar geyser, you are using the energy of the sun to heat up your water. You could save up to 40% on electricity costs by installing a solar geyser.

You are switching to green energy. You are not burning fossil fuels or wood to heat your water. Instead, you are using the energy of the sun. Remember, Eskom have to burn fossil fuels to provide electricity to us. So, by switching to solar geysers, you are doing your bit for a greener and healthier environment.

You’re not dependent on the Eskom load shedding schedules. When Eskom cuts our power, you don’t have hot water. By installing a solar geyser, you are not dependent on Eskom to provide energy for hot water in your home.

We understand that choosing the correct geyser installation can be quite a challenge. There are so many products to choose from and who can you trust to do a proper job, right? FAST Plumbers are solar geyser installation specialists in the East Rand. We will access your situation and make sure to give you the best advice on how to get the best possible solar geyser installation solution that will fit your household and needs. Also check out our toilet plumber page.

If you want to work with a professional geyser installation company, call FAST Plumbers today.

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