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Geyser repair is an essential service in the modern world. A home without hot water these days are very inconvenient. It is crucial for your geyser to work properly so that the household can continue to take hot water baths and showers, the dishes can get done and that the laundry don’t heap up. 

If you are looking for a professional geyser repair company in the East Rand, then FAST Plumbers is your best bet. Our professional geyser repair plumbing team with years of experience in the industry, are well versed with all kinds of geyser repairs. We have all kinds of tools and equipment that can be used to fix your geyser, no matter what it is broken or leaking. 


We also carry a wide range of spare parts such as pipe joints, bolts, washers, pipes, thermostats, drip trays, etc. We provide an affordable geyser repair service in the East Rand area to ensure that your household is water efficient, and you don’t have to worry about getting a leaking or broken geyser.


If you need a geyser repair company, call FAST Plumbers today or schedule a booking with our amazing team.

Geyser Repair Near Me

Many people search for geyser repair near me when they’re looking for geyser repair companies in the area. The purpose of geyser repair near me is to ensure that the hot water supply in your home is uninterrupted. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your geyser, then searching for geyser repair near me is a great place to start. We are ready to help you with your geyser repair needs. 

Geyser Repair Companies

There are many reasons why your geyser may start to fail. Here’s a few reasons to consider and what to look out for to see if you have a failing geyser that needs repair.

You've got an old or malfunctioning geyser

Geysers have finite lifespans. You can’t force 20 or 30 years out of a geyser. Sooner or later your geyser will start to fail. You must make sure that you budget for the time and day when the inevitable is going to happen. When your geyser fails, you will either need to get it repaired or you’ll need to install a new one. In this instance, FAST plumbers would be able to assist you with either geyser repair or geyser replacement in your home.

Geyser Connections That Leak or That Are Full of Rust

You can save a lot of money by having your geyser repaired before it fails. One way to do this is to ensure that you have a functioning geyser and not one that’s leaking or full of rust. Remember, the function of the anode in the geyser is to assist with corrosion prevention. However, this anode will have to be replaced eventually. If it does its job properly, the anode itself will corrode away.

If you’re searching for geyser repairs near me or geyser repair companies, then make sure to give FAST plumbers a call. We can replace your anode in no time at all.

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Geyser That Leaks

Geyser that leak can cause a lot of problems. If not dealt with quickly, you can have a potential flood through your ceiling, in your walls or on your floor. It is essential to replace or repair a leaky geyser. If the geyser is positioned outside, the damage to your home structure will be minimal. The problem comes when the geyser is in the roof. If it leaks there, then the leak can potentially cause serious water damage. When you call FAST plumbers, we will be able to get your geyser repaired or replaced and ensure that the geyser is doing its job properly so that it doesn’t fail in the future.

Hot Water Failure

When you don’t get hot water any longer, then there is a good chance that your geyser is failing. When water enter the geyser, the water minerals can get separated. These minerals will eventually move to the lower part of the geyser tank. With time, these mineral deposits can build up and it can prevent the element from heating the water inside the tank. That’s why it is a good idea to flush the tank occasionally. It will help to get rid of these mineral deposits and will help your geyser to work in a optimum state.

Do You See Cloudy Water Coming From The Taps?

When the minerals we just talked about start to accumulate inside the geyser, there’s a good chance that these same minerals will mix with the hot water and come out of your taps or shower head. When you see a constant flow of cloudy or milky type water, then you may have a geyser that is about to fail. A geyser repair company like FAST plumbers will however be able to repair this issue for you by flushing out the water and minerals that is currently inside the geyser. If you need a fast and reliable geyser repair, then call FAST plumbers. We are available 24/7 for your convenience.

What Noise Comes From The Geyser?

If you notice a clicking, banging, or popping noise from your geyser, then you might be in trouble. This usually happens when the element is doing its best to heat up the water, but the minerals make it hard for the water to get heated to the right temperature. This can cause the tank to take strain and overheat. With time, the stress on the tank can cause leaks and the tank will eventually need to be replaced.

Pressure Relief Valve and Temperature Failure

Geysers have safety measures in place like a pressure relief valve. This valve is needed to relieve excess pressure when the geyser overheats. This valve is crucial to ensure a explosion doesn’t happen. If this valve fails, your geyser can explode and cause significant damage. These valves should be tested regularly to ensure that they are in working order and that they will perform their function when needed. If these valves leak it is essential to replace them.


It’s also not a good idea to replace a geyser on your own. The industry requires a professional geyser repair or geyser installation company to do the installation for you. If you do it yourself, the manufacturer won’t honour any guarantees that they give with the product. Let the professionals handle this for you.

Call FAST plumbers. We are available 24/7 for your convenience. We are geyser repair specialists in the East Rand. Our work is professional, and we work with a safety first methodology. We provide our customers with excellent service at a competitive price. If you require any information on this or any other plumbing problem, please call us or fill out the form and we will get back to you quickly.

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