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Leak Detection

Leak detection is essential when you have a leak at your premises. When you suspect a water leak, it would be wise to identify the source of the leak. Sometimes it’s easy to identify the water leak and at other times you need a plumber leak detection solution.

When leaks are underground or in a wall, it can be very difficult to detect the source of the water leak with accuracy. You want an accurate leak detection method because you don’t want to dig a huge portion of your garden or break out a large portion of a wall. When you don’t know where the leak is, that’s exactly what you’ll need to do. By pinpointing the water leak, only a small portion of the garden or the wall need to be taken out to fix the leak.

That’s what leak detection companies like FAST Plumbers do best. Our advanced plumber leak detection equipment will pinpoint your water leak so that there is minimal damage to your property to fix that leak. We use sensitive sensors to detect water leaks. Our leak detection system is highly accurate and easy to manage.

Leak Detection Near Me

Having a water leak on your property can result into a plumbing emergency. That’s why it’s best to get it sorted out a.s.a.p. Many people search for leak detection near me when they are looking for a leak detection specialist. Make sure you find a reputable leak detection company like FAST Plumbers to fix your leaks. Not all leak detection near me searches will result in the best water leak solutions. Do your due diligence.

How do you find leaks in your plumbing system?

Sometimes it’s not needed to do a leak detection near me search as you can find some leaks yourself. Here’s a few ways you can use to identify leaks or whether you have a leak, on your own.

Check the faucet

Make sure your water pressure is correct and that you have a proper flow. If you don’t, it’s likely there’s a leak somewhere in your plumbing system and can be fixed by doing a plumber leak detection. Water leaks can occur anywhere in your plumbing system. Even if you don’t see any water leaking, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a leak somewhere. The most common areas for leaks to occur are the shut off valves and pipes at the beginning of your plumbing system. However, other areas on pipes underground or in the wall is not excluded to get leaks.

You water meter will give you clues

If you have a water meter installed in your home, turn of all taps on the inside and outside of your home. The watch your water meter. If the gauge is still running, you most probably have a leak in your plumbing system. If you have a slow leak, you will need to give it some time. So go shopping and when you come back and the water meter did move, then you know there is a problem. Unless you see the leak clearly on your property, you will need specialist plumber leak detection to come and assist you.

What does your water usage look like?

If you have a leak, you will see an increase in your water usage. Go back to your municipal statements and look for a period of 6 months when water usage looks normal. Take the average amount of water you used in that 6-month period and compare with what your current usage is. If you see a spike of 25% plus, then there is a good chance that you have a leak and need a leak detection near me solution. Obviously, if you can explain why there was an increase in water usage like installing a pool or you added a new geyser or installed an irrigation system, then a water usage increase would make sense. However, if you have not done any of these and the water usage is still high, you have a leak.

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Is your water bill higher than normal?

As with water usage, you can also look at your bill to see if you have a water leak. Compare previous month’s municipal statements with what you are paying now. If the average is much higher, then you may have a leak. If you can’t see a leak clearly in or around your house, then you must consider plumber leak detection near me services. If you leave it unchecked. that leak will become bigger, and your bill will eventually become a nightmare to pay. FAST Plumbers are leak detection specialists who can detect leaks accurately.

Check outside

Many leaks can happen outside the home as well. Look for wet water spots under cement or bricks. Also check for soggy patches on your lawn. When you see this, then you may have a water leak that needs to be attended to. Irrigation systems are also known for leaks. They need to be checked regularly.

Food colorant trick

Your toilet is another water leak possibility. Up to 30% of your monthly water usage can be accredited to toilets being flushed in homes. Take some food colouring and throw a few drops in the bowl of the toilet. Leave it for 30 minutes. If you see the food colouring inside the toilet bowl, then you know you have a leak. This water will flush down the drain without you even knowing it.

Regular checks

Check regularly underneath kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks for wet spots. If you have a bad odour coming from a certain area, then open cupboard doors and see if you see damp or wet spots. There are several components that can indicate a leak, such as wet stains on wood siding, flooring, and walls, dripping faucets, spotting in sinks and tubs, wet areas in your yard, etc. At the end of the day, common sense will prevail.

If you see anything obvious, get it fixed before it becomes a big problem and a major repair. Even the smallest leak can be a nightmare to repair, and if you wait too long to fix it, then it can turn into an even bigger one. So, make sure that your home is safe from leaks with FAST Plumbers in the East Rand.

You don’t have to continue searching for plumber leak detection near me to find a professional leak detection plumbing company. FAST Plumbers will be able to solve your leak detection nightmares in no time.

Call us today or book an appointment with us. We’ll detect and fix your leaks fast!

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