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Burst Geyser

A burst geyser can be quite a pain in the neck. Many people forget that geysers have a finite lifetime and will need to be replaced when the geyser lifespan has ended. Most people replace their burst geyser when it actually burst.

Sometimes a burst geyser can be avoided and other times it is unavoidable. It just depends on the circumstances. The best thing to do when a geyser burst is to get it fixed right away. Geysers will usually burst when they are not cared for properly.

Burst Geyser Near Me

A burst geyser near me may have gone unnoticed for a period, but as soon as no hot water comes through the shower or taps, you will know if your geyser is still functional. Not only that, a burst geyser can also cause a lot of damage like the following:

Wet ceilings – A burst geyser can cause water damage to the ceiling. This can be avoided by keeping the geyser properly maintained. When your ceiling is drenched with water, it can cause damage to the structure of your house. If it is not repaired in time, you may need to spend a lot of money on repairs or replacement.

Wet floors – A burst geyser can cause water damage to the flooring in your home. If you have screed or tile floors, the damage will be minimal. However, if you have wooden floors, it can get swollen and damaged. To replace wooden floors is expensive. If you suspect a burst geyser, just type burst geyser near me and look for FAST Plumbers.

Damp walls – A burst geyser can cause dampness in the walls of your home. This will usually happen when there is too much water pressure in the pipes leading to your geyser and it bursts. When that happens inside the walls, then you have a problem.

The walls can be damaged, leading to leakage of water from the pipes and causing mould to grow. If the burst geyser is not fixed in time, then you may need to have your walls repainted or replaced with new ones, especially if you have dry walls.

Burst Geyser Companies

When looking for burst geyser companies online, you will find a few of them. However, the most reputable companies are those that have been around for many years and have excellent ratings from customers.

These include FAST Plumbers. Our burst geyser plumbing team has been servicing the East Rand area for many years. We are fully qualified to do burst geyser repairs, geyser replacements, leaks in pipes and water damage.

FAST Plumbers is your best choice when looking for burst geyser companies online. We have great ratings online which prove that we are the best burst geyser near me choice in the East Rand.

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Burst Geyser Repair Cost

There is no one answer to this question, but it will depend on how much damage has been done and what needs to be repaired. If you have burst geyser repair cost in your budget, then get in touch with us today.

Our burst geyser repair cost in the East Rand is reasonable and we can help you with a quote. If your geyser is insured, then you can use your insurance to help with the cost of burst geyser repair.

Why will a geyser burst?

There are many reasons why a geyser will burst. Some of these reasons are:

The result of a faulty geyser

This is one of the most common reasons for a geyser to burst. It could be that the water flow from your geyser has been reduced and will not reach its destination due to a blocked pipe or pipe which needs repair.

The bursting of the geyser may be related to another fault which you will need to fix. The best way to know if you have a faulty geyser is to get in touch with us. We will give you an objective opinion of your geyser and what needs to be done.

Overuse or abuse of the geyser

Over use or abuse of the geyser is another reason for a geyser to burst. The water flow from your geyser may be too much and it will not be able to handle the amount of water that is being used daily. A sudden increase in usage could cause the geyser to burst. Therefore, you should always be careful when using your geyser and check for any leaks on a regular basis.

A leak in the pipe that is connected to it

Leaks in the pipe that is connected to your geyser could also be the reason for a burst geyser. A leak in the pipe will cause water to leak out of your geyser and into the ground, on your ceilings, on your floor on your walls. If you do not notice this, then it could lead to a major problem.

We recommend that you get in touch with us if you have any leaks on your pipes or if your geyser is showing signs of bursting. A burst geyser is not something that you want to deal with yourself, and we will be able to fix it for you, or we can come out and do the repair for you on site.

FAST Plumbers - Your Burst Geyser Solution

FAST Plumbers offer holistic burst geyser repair solutions to clients across the East Rand. We can repair burst geysers or if you prefer, we can replace your geyser with a new one.

Our experienced team of plumbers are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency burst geyser repairs and will be able to fix your geyser on site. We have a large team of fully trained plumbers that can provide an instant burst geyser repair service for you, and we can also send one of our engineers out to your home if required.

FAST Plumbers offer a wide range of burst geyser repair services to residential and commercial clients across the East Rand. We can offer you a FAST estimate for your burst geyser repair. Our experienced team of plumbers can perform all types of burst geyser repairs.

So, stop searching for ‘burst geyser near me’ and call the highly rated FAST Plumbers company today for an affordable burst geyser repair estimate!

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