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Leak Detection Plumbers in Kempton Park

Leak Detection

With the use of technology we find the location of leaks easily, which helps cut unnecessary digging which is costly. Leak Detection in pipes helps identify where there are leaks in pipes to avoid future damage.

Well maintained pipes can last for a long time. In towns, roughly 1l of water gets wasted every minute, which is roughly 40 000l per month. Towns can lose 25% of water through leaking pipes or more.

Below are some ways to know you have a leak:

  • There is a continuous sound of water dripping when there is nothing turned on.
  • You find warm spots on your floor, like on your concrete slab floor.
  • Your water bill escalates over a period of There should not be a massive difference from month to month.
  • Your walls or floors are wet, moist, or discolored when no water has been spilled in that area.
  • There is a foul odor coming from the floor or walls.
  • You can check your water meter. Mark the indicator on your meter. Hold off on using water for an hour or two, if the indicator moves, there may be a leak.

Water leaks start slow, they seldom show any movement on your water meter. They then develop into larger leaks as time progresses which leads to a burst when there is a spike in water pressure. A common reason for leaks and water loss is failure of pipe fittings. When pipes are not fitted properly, or if the pipes have unseen cracks by the joints they may be a big issue.

When the soil is wet, it causes pressure on pipes and fittings. Usually, pipes should get bedded in sand, but this is not always done. Poor connections and rock fragments that are angular are the biggest problem.

When subsurface soil gets eroded, water makes its way from underground, following weak lines in the sub-surface pathways. Rock fragments and ground conditions can be the reason why leaks never surface. 

Unseen leaks can be detected with little to no disruption. Which helps save you money and ensures that the leak gets repaired, the site gets restored and cleaned after the job is done.

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When looking for plumbing companies in Kempton Park, they will tell you that some reasons that cause leaks in pipes are:

  • Exterior force like damage from cars
  • Drilling rigs
  • Earth movement
  • Heavy rain
  • Flooding
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Lightening
  • Corrosion
  • Incorrect operation

There are different leak detection techniques that can be used.

Below are a few methods that plumbers use:

Pipe and Cable Detector

This is used to find metal pipes and cables. This method also applies to tracing plastic pipes and to create a map of underground services.

Transmitter Detection

A pipe that is larger than roughly 40mm is traceable with a transmitter. Then the signal gets traced on the surface with the pipe and cable detector. This way, the conduit underground trace is detected. This method has different uses. But it is used for tracing the position of a blockage in a sewer.

CCTV Inline Camera Inspections / Service Inspection

A small camera, attached to a cable, gets pushed through the pipe. It then does a video inspection. This video inspection allows for the inspection for damage of water pipes, sewer pipes, root infestation and or broken pipes. All this can be done with a CCTV Inline Camera Inspection.

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